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For Parents

Rank promotion testing is an important step in student's Soo Bahk Do journey.  The test experience is called a "Shim Sa" (which translates to ceremony or celebration).  Students are selected to test after they have demonstrated the discipline, respect, technique, and understanding to earn the next rank.  So, everyday is test day.  The Shim Sa is the day set aside for students to demonstrate their accomplishments- a celebration of sincere effort over time.

Please see your instructor and review the Members Manual for test requirements.

The following expectations are required in order to be considered for participation in the testing experience (Shim Sa).

  • Current U. S. Soo Bahk Do Federation membership

  • Regular Soo Bahk Do class attendance

  • Sincere effort in school (verified by parent and teacher- documented on test application)

  • Community service hours (documented on test application)

  • Demonstrate rank physical requirements and discipline

  • Know required terminology and philosophy information

  • Submit test application

  • Essay or drawing on assigned Soo Bahk Do topic (based on age)


On the right-hand side is the essay and drawing requirements for each rank level

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