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What We Teach

At Portland Soo Bahk Do, we teach the traditional art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.


Three foundation sources for our instruction are:

Five Moo Do Values

History- Yuk Sa
Tradition- Jun Tong
Discipline and Respect- Jon Kyung
Philosophy- Chul Hak
Technique- Ki Sool


Eight Key Concepts of Soo Bahk Do

Courage- Yong Gi
Concentration- Chun Shin Tong Il
Endurance- In Neh
Honesty- Chung Jik
Humility- Kyum Son
Control of Power- Him Cho Chung
Tension and Relaxation- Shin Chook
Speed Control- Wan Gup

Ten Articles of Faith in Mental Training

  1.    Be loyal to one's country.

  2.    Be obedient to one's parents and elders.

  3.    Be loving to one's spouse.

  4.    Be cooperative with one's brothers and sisters.

  5.    Be respectful to one's elders.

  6.    Be faithful to one's teacher.

  7.    Be faithful to one's friends.

  8.    Face combat only in justice and with honor.

  9.    Never retreat in battle.  

  10.    Always finish what you start.

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